"Game Changing Technologies"
Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 11:20AM

"Game Changing Technologies"

As Cummings Aerospace looks into the future two, five, and even ten years, it is important that we continue to work with our government and industry partners to identify and solve the Science and Technology challenges of our warfighter. There are a few exciting “Game Changing” technologies that could revolutionize the way we fight wars in the future. Cummings Aerospace has chosen to focus on two, hypersonics and alternative GPS.

Hypersonic systems have a unique set of system level technology challenges. Some of the challenges caused by severe heat and aerodynamic loads through a variety of flight conditions include; enhanced maneuverability, airframe stability, and sensor integration, are being addressed through the development and implementation of unique modeling and simulation tools.

Alternative methods for guidance must be developed to enable successful military missions when GPS service is disrupted or denied. At Cummings Aerospace, through the development of navigation-aiding and non-GPS technologies our vision for alternative methods of GPS could have broad applicability throughout the military sector.

With the investments that Cummings Aerospace is making in these “game changing” technologies we poise ourselves for a bright and successful future in Science and Technology.

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